Moving Its Call Center to the Cloud Saves Torres Credit Services Up to $7,000 Per Month and Enables It to Continue Operating During the Pandemic

Torres Credit Services provides vital customer support that homeowners and businesses rely on for their gas, electric and other services. Prior to becoming a Grudi Associates customer in 2012, Torres Credit Services was operating its busy call center with premise-based equipment and systems. This posed multiple challenges:

  • Inefficiencies of a premise-based system
  • Higher risk of downtime from equipment failure, power outages and more
  • Security concerns
  • Backup challenges
  • Lack of important capabilities and technologies
  • Scalability challenges
  • Cost of implementation
  • Less than optimal customer experience
  • Total dependence on premise-based equipment and systems

Find out how...

Grudi Associates helped TCS implement a managed call center (cloud-based) and a hosted phone system (hosted PBX or VoIP) as well as providing a variety of other services that are saving $6,000 – $7,000 per month on its phone service costs, providing virtually 100% uptime on its vital systems, greatly increased capabilities and features, improved customer service ability, enabled seamless, transparent supervisor/worker interaction, real-time during calls, enhanced security, implemented totally reliable backup and effectively transitioned to a remote work model when COVID-19 arrived.

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“Prior to the corona virus, Grudi Associates has helped us bring our company to the cutting edge of call center capabilities and performance. They also have saved us many thousands of dollars every month. But then it happened. Without Grudi Associates helping us setup our call center agents to work from home, it would have been much more difficult to continue servicing our customers as we always have. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done.”

David Bucher


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