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Employee Security Awareness Training

Human Error Causes 92% of Data Breaches. Your people are certainly your most valuable asset, but they can also put your business at risk. Not because they are malicious or careless, but because they need cybersecurity awareness training. In a large majority of cases, they don’t know the security risks they face every day when they open their email and find links that look fine. All too often, they’re not. They click without thinking, and the risk becomes a reality in the form of a breached email. They’ve just entered the perilous Dark Web. Grudi partners with Telesystem to provide you with world-class Employee Security Awareness Training and other Cybersecurity services.

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Grudi Employee Security Awareness Training is a powerful service that goes far, far beyond annual or semiannual training courses. Through ongoing training and cutting-edge resources, it strengthens and enhances your business’s human firewall to supplement your other security measures. The key areas it addresses are:

Weekly Micro Training

3-5 minute cybersecurity training videos that are quick and easy for employees to use on a regular basis, when and where they prefer.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Unlimited simulated email phishing campaigns that provide valuable feedback for your employees and administrators. Advanced phishing campaigns that capture whether your employees click on an email link and if they entered login credentials on the linked page. No sensitive information is captured or stored during this process.

24/7 Dark Web Monitoring

Continuous dark web monitoring that alerts you the moment one of your employees’ credentials appear on the Dark Web. Password resets are triggered to stop a breach before it occurs.

HIPAA Compliance Training

Ensure that your business is in compliance by giving your people the knowledge and skills they need.

Employee Vulnerability Assessments

Empowers your employees to improve themselves and your business’s overall security by gamifying education. Next-generation analytics evaluate the risk from key security metrics and generates Employee Secure Scores (ESS). You know which employees are doing well and which need more training.

Written Security Policies

Putting clear, effective cybersecurity policies in place that are properly communicated and enforced is a key initiative for reducing risks and threats.

Yearly Security Audit

In the ever-changing world of cybersecurity risks, threats and malicious perpetrators, performing regular security audits is imperative.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

A powerful, world class platform is accessed through an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. It gives you all the intelligence you need to understand real-time threat levels for each of your employees and take decisive action to reduce risky behavior and threats.

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Security Awareness Training Dashboard

Our world class platform gives you all the intelligence you need, in order to understand real time threat levels of each of your employees. Our algorithm calculates an Employee Security Score(ESS) for each employee based on test and certification scores, phishing results, security policy acknowledgement, dark web stolen password findings and more. The ESS allows you to completely understand where the threat levels lie for the company as well as for each individual employee.

Did You Know . . .

Many trusted and seemingly safe websites have been hacked, such as Zynga (gaming site), Houzz (home improvement site), LinkedIn, My Heritage (dna testing site) and MyFitness Pal and countless others.

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