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Lancaster Chamber: 717.397.3531
Grudi Associates: 717.838.5022

Work smarter and lower cost with the right Telecom & IT services

Get a 1.5% Annual Cash-Back Dividend on voice, data, cloud, security & managed services. Plus get per-device cash back on mobile devices

Expert assistance selecting, provisioning and optimizing the right services for you

We deal with your Telecom & IT headaches so you don't have to

Expenditures through Grudi Advantage financially benefit Lancaster Chamber

Grudi Advantage Program

Keeping Your People and Your Business Healthy During the COVID-19 Outbreak
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Walt Grudi Receives Lancaster Chamber Award. Read More & View Event.

Lancaster Chamber has launched a comprehensive Telecom & IT program that delivers excellent value to its Members and the Chamber itself. The program was developed in partnership with Grudi Associates and is called Grudi Advantage.

Through this exclusive Telecom & IT partnership, Members can receive excellent prices and expert assistance optimizing their Telecom & IT services. They can also get generous annual cash-back dividends on many services related to phone systems, voice, data, Internet, cloud, mobility, security, backup, outsourced services and more.

Lancaster Chamber also receives a financial benefit from Grudi Advantage purchases. Grudi Associates was awarded this partnership through an evaluation process where all Lancaster Chamber Members could participate.

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Case Studies

Grudi Advantage can help a wide range of businesses and organizations achieve greater success by optimizing their Telecom & IT and delivering a better ROI. As we move ahead, we will be creating case studies to show how we help Lancaster Chamber members. Here are the first ones. Come back for more! Click on each case study logo to view.

Four Seasons Produce Upgrades its Mobility Devices and Plan, While Saving Significant Cost

Hosted PBX Replaces Lancaster Public Library’s Outdated Phone System, While Cutting Costs Nearly in Half

Who Can Benefit from Grudi Advantage?

Virtually any size or type of Lancaster Chamber Member in any industry or profession can benefit from Grudi Advantage. Whether it is a small business with under 50 employees, a medium size business with 50 to 250 employees or a large business/enterprise with over 250 employees, Grudi Associates can provide complete Telecom & IT services, products and assistance. Follow is a sampling of these services. Many more are available.

  • Phone Systems
  • Local & Long Distance Service
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Internet Connections
  • Internet Phone Systems (VoIP)
  • Audio, Video & Web Conferencing
  • Data Centers/Colocation
  • Cloud-Based Fax
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Fixed Wireless Service
  • Mobile Phones, Tablets & Accessories
  • Cellular Connections
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Wireless Operating Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • BYOD Assistance
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Global Coverage & Assistance
  • Hosted PBX
  • SD-WAN
  • Office 365
  • Hosted Exchange
  • XaaS (Cloud-based Services)
  • G-Suite – Google Apps
  • Virtual Desktop – Cloud-based
  • Backup & Recovery Services
  • AWS & Azure Dedicated Connections
  • Numerous Hosted & Outsourced Services

In addition, Grudi Associates’ Mobility Managed Solutions and Voice, Data & Cloud Managed Solutions can provide a powerful, comprehensive Telecom & IT management and outsourcing tool that saves significant money, while enabling businesses to focus on other key priorities. Visit for much more information.

12 Reasons to Participate


Receive expert assistance optimizing your Telecom & IT and save money.


Support Lancaster Chamber and its many valuable activities that promote business in Lancaster County.


Receive an annual cash-back dividend based on the amount you spend through the Grudi Advantage program.


Enjoy a single point of contact for all your Telecom & IT services. As an independent partner, Grudi Associates works with over 125 carrier services and cloud providers.


Gain an average of 15-25% savings on telecom services.


Receive a complimentary audit/assessment of your current telecom services.


Receive recommendations specifically for your business and its needs.


Enjoy discounted hourly fees (20% discount) for Grudi Associates professional services and consulting fees.


Be eligible for at least one free month of service on select carrier services – including hosted PBX, hosted desktop, Grudi Associates managed services and more.


Get on-site deployment for mobile phone activations and upgrades (10-phone minimum).


Receive up to 30% discount on select mobility accessories.


Be eligible for a free mobility policy review.

About Lancaster Chamber & Grudi Associates

Lancaster Chamber is a network of employees and employers invested in what’s best for Lancaster. Since 1872, it’s made our community a great place to live and work by equipping, serving, and representing local businesses. Lancaster Chamber partners with organizations across the county to help them navigate the issues that matter most, attract and retain talent, develop leadership, and create opportunities for individuals to engage, connect, and grow. Focused on initiatives that enrich our community and benefit your business, Lancaster Chamber advocates on your behalf to advance the greater good. 

Grudi Associates is a leading provider of a broad range of Telecom & IT services to businesses and organizations in central PA and beyond. Working in partnerships with industry-leading providers, Grudi Associates delivers innovative, cost-saving services from voice, data, conferencing and mobility to cloud, hosting, security, backup and an array of outsources and managed services. By providing its customers with a single point of contact for virtually any need, Grudi Associates delivers innovative solutions and simplified telecommunications.