Four Seasons Produce Upgrades Its Mobility Devices and Plan, While Saving Significant Cost

Due to the many employees who are constantly on the road, mobile communications is a critical business tool for Four Seasons Produce. Staying connected with customers, coworkers, suppliers and others is essential. Mobility was becoming increasingly challenging and expensive for Four Seasons Produce. It was experiencing a number of issues, including:

  • Growing monthly expenses for wireless services.
  • Increasing data usage charges that resulted in data overage charges of nearly $3,000 per month on average.
  • Older smartphones that had not been upgraded in almost three years and were beginning to experience issues that affected communications.
  • Upgrading 200 devices is a large and costly project that requires significant investment and time. The equipment cost would be over $30,000.

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Grudi Advantage — the Mobility, Telecom & IT program, which is a partnership between Lancaster Chamber and Grudi Associates — saved Four Seasons $24,875 on the purchase of new, high-capability mobile equipment and virtually eliminated $3,000 per month in data overages. Four Seasons is on track to receive $3,200 annual cash-back dividends from Grudi Advantage, and is expecting ongoing savings of 15% on its service every month.

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“In November of 2019, we partnered with Grudi Associates for the management of our mobile phone contract. By participating in the Grudi Advantage program offered through the Lancaster Chamber, we saved a lot of money. In the first six months of the program, we realized an average monthly savings of 18%. Prior to working with Grudi, we had been getting killed with data overages. Through their industry knowledge and expertise, Grudi set us up with the most cost-effective service plan and helped us minimize data costs. I’d recommend the Grudi Advantage program to anyone. They really understand the mobile communications industry and can help companies cut costs.”

Randy Hostetter

Systems Manager

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