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Hosted PBX Replaces Lancaster Public Library’s Outdated Phone System, While Cutting Costs by 40%

Lancaster Public Library has an excellent reputation for serving the community well and providing many valuable resources. However, its outdated and failing premise-based phone systems needed to be replaced and upgraded at all locations. Among the many challenges included:

  • The legacy systems often failed, resulting in countless hours of outages and troubleshooting across multiple carriers and providers.
  • The phone systems across Lancaster Public Library’s locations were not networked together.
  • The phones were past the end of their support and some carrier services were ending soon. This created a major time concern.
  • The systems were difficult to manage and upgrade due to antiquated wiring.
  • The Auto Attendant for the entire Lancaster Public Library was outdated, with a difficult-to-manage voicemail system and lack of modern features.
  • The age and structure of the buildings made new wiring costs prohibitive.


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Grudi Advantage – the Telecom & IT program that is a partnership between Lancaster Chamber and Grudi Associates – helped Lancaster Public Library replace a failing legacy phone system with a modern, highly capable hosted PBX phone system, reduce its monthly fee for telecommunications expenses from $1,400 per month to just $850 per month, get extensive new capabilities and ease of system management, receive numerous benefits from Grudi Advantage, including lower costs and an annual cash-back dividend, and more.

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“It’s hard to express how much better our new phone system is and what it has done for the Lancaster Public Library. We are taking full advantage of the many new features. The intuitive interface and portal greatly simplifies system administration, which saves us time, effort and pain. The cost savings are impressive. Rejoining Lancaster Chamber and working with Grudi Advantage was an excellent business decision.”

Cindy Farley


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