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Ranck Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Scores Big Cost Savings, While Dramatically Improving Service and Customer Satisfaction with Its New Hosted Phone System

Since its inception in 1953, Ranck Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has prided itself on providing a high level of quality work and customer satisfaction for its clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. A high-functioning, cost-effective phone system is essential for their business, which is why they selected Grudi and the Grudi Advantage Program through Lancaster Chamber to address a variety of challenges:

  • An inadequate, outdated phone system that lacked necessary modern features and functionality.
  • Inability to work from home/remotely during COVID and beyond.
  • The legacy system required complex maintenance that was time consuming and costly.
  • There was a lack of integration with Ranck’s internal CRM system and other critical business processes.
  • Its carrier presented significant challenges that created, rather than solved, phone-related issues.
  • It was also over-paying for outdated telecommunications services.
  • The need for a phone system that could easily and seamlessly be transferred to a new facility should a potential relocation occur in the following year.

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Grudi achieved a 10% Telecom & IT savings for Ranck, added the ability of all office departments to work from home or other remote locations, made its phone system easy to manage and readily accessible by anyone who is authorized from any enabled device, eliminated the frustration and challenges of its legacy phone system and carrier, and more. Ranck also receives many benefits from Grudi Advantage, including lower costs, free months of service, an annual cash-back dividend, and more. The annual dividend and savings Ranck receives from the Grudi Advantage program alone more than cover the Lancaster Chamber membership fee it pays. Visit grudiadvantage.com for more information.

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“Working with Grudi Associates through Grudi Advantage and Lancaster Chamber to upgrade our entire phone system has helped us identify, design and implement a solution that resolved our most pressing challenges. We are very pleased with the new system and the support we’ve received. The implementation was well thought out and perfectly executed. We are thrilled with the capabilities, the cost savings, and the benefits we are receiving through Grudi Advantage. We have strongly recommended Grudi Associates and Grudi Advantage to others in our industry.”

Ryan Welker

Manager of Dispatch and Customer Service

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