13 Ways Managed Telecom Can Help Grow Your Business

By Grudi

managed telecom

Powerful Telecom Tools And Support

Today’s incredible Telecom capabilities and resources are so extensive and complex that they can make even highly competent managers’ eyes glaze over. You don’t want to miss out and fall behind the competition, but it’s so easy to get lost in the weeds. 

That’s where Grudi Managed Telecom comes in. 

Its powerful tools can help you get and maintain the optimal services for your business. It can also save you a significant part of your budget, while relieving the burden on your IT department. 

How It Works

Grudi Managed Telecom is outsourced services and resources, from invoice and inventory management, office phones, service procurement and implementation, to Telecom consulting, Help Desk, contract management, billing dispute resolutions and much more.

13 Managed Telecom Benefits

While every business is different, these 13 main benefits from managed telecom you can expect to experience with a seasoned provider like Grudi. 

  1. Up To 25% Lower Cost – goes right to your bottom line.
  2. Improved Productivity – we do the work so you don’t have to.
  3. Streamlined Bill Payment – we take care of the details, including GL coding.
  4. Project Management & Technology Deployment – simpler, easier migration to new technology to stay current.
  5. 100% USA – our people and your data stay right here at home.
  6. Higher Productivity – the right solution to enhance your performance.
  7. Competitive Advantage – work smarter and get ahead. 
  8. Increased Customer Satisfaction – be more responsive and proactive.
  9. Less Down Time – dependable service and support keep you running.
  10. Ensured Compliance – Retail and finance (PCI), healthcare (HIPAA).
  11. Budgetable – predetermined, reliable cost.
  12. Lower Stress – one less (big) thing to worry about.
  13. Guaranteed Savings – save more than you spend.

The Proof Behind The Service

To learn more about how Grudi helps the customers we work with, read our Caron Treatment Centers case study and find out how Grudi delivered 15% monthly savings, saved Caron over $500,000, outsourced day-to-day telecom management activities, freeing Caron staff to focus on core activities, and much more.


“Before we went with Grudi Associates’ Managed Solutions, we were having significant issues and frustration with our telecom carriers. As it turns out, due to varying plan prices, invoice errors and inability to understand the lengthy and confusing monthly bills, we were also overpaying. Grudi Associates effectively addressed all these concerns. Outsourcing many routine telecom management tasks to Grudi Associates also eliminated a lot of hassles and wasted staff time. Grudi Associates and Managed Solutions saves us time and money, and their customer service is awesome! They are a great team!”
— Andy Heckman Corporate Director of IMS

Not Sold Yet? We’ve Got More In Store

Did you know that Grudi has access to special offers and opportunities you probably would never know about? 

Are you missing something? Find out now!

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