5 Common Causes of Data Loss and How To Avoid Them

By Grudi

Ensuring that your organization’s data is as secure as possible, accessible for everyone on your team who needs it, and cost effective for your business is a huge priority. To achieve this, a data technology expert is often your best resource. Their expertise, speed, and understanding of data can support your team and enhance your operations. 

Where can you find such a partner to help in these areas? For many businesses, Grudi is the go-to resource.

data loss prevention

Are you optimally protecting and managing your data?

If your answer is no – or if you’re not sure – the time is now to ensure your data is protected and managed in a careful and safe way. Grudi has all of the tools and resources you need to make that a reality. 

Next to your people, your data is almost certainly your business’s most valuable asset. Just try running your business without access to your data files, whether they are customer, patient, financial, or operational. It’s not very realistic, and it’s definitely not ideal. 

Most managers and executives don’t give their data security and management as much attention as they should. Instead, they assume it will always be there and accessibleuntil it’s not

Over half of businesses are unprepared for a data loss occurrence. Are you

Grudi can help. Request your free demo today to find out more!

5 key issues you should know about and address

  1. Data storage location(s)
  2. How quickly and securely your data can be accessed 
  3. How to protect yourself from data loss
  4. Determining which data to store where 
  5. Testing of disaster recovery plans and processes for restoring backed up data

Many businesses never recover from a large data loss. To protect your data and your business, you should enlist the help of data experts who can assess each of these issues and provide the right solutions for your business needs. That’s where Grudi and our world-class partners come in.

5 ways Grudi can help

If you’ve never worked with a data expert, you may be unfamiliar with how they can support your organization. An expert can help you be proactive with your data and leverage its power before disaster strikes.

Grudi can help with:

  1. Disaster recovery and data recovery plan development 
  2. Risk mitigation for your data 
  3. Identifying the most secure, cost-effective data storage options for your specific needs and recovery requirements
  4. Determining if your applications will run well in the cloud and offering options and recommendations when needed 
  5. Recommending the optimal configuration and locations for your data

The bottom line? Experience shows that most businesses are not fully aware of the value of their data and its vulnerability to threats – whether accidental or malicious. Many also do not understand the importance of putting in place the right disaster recovery, backup and retrieval plans and processes.

Grudi has the expertise and the resources to protect your data. Let us help.

Start protecting your data now. Request a demo from our team or take our free assessment to see how you stack up against worst case scenarios now.

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