Caron Treatment Centers Implement Managed Solutions to Reduce Telecom Costs and Better Manage Contracts & Services

A healthcare organization, Caron Treatment Centers provides substance abuse treatment, counseling and rehabilitation services in ten centers located on the east coast. Grudi has been managing Caron’s wireless services for several years through its Managed Mobility solution, so when it was time to address other managed solutions like Telecom & IT services, Grudi was a natural choice. Caron’s primary challenges were:

  • Caron received notification from its carrier that the organization’s services were going to be discontinued soon, necessitating timely selection of a new plan and migration of all of its services to the new carrier.
  • Managing regularly occurring telecom trouble issues and MACDs (moves, adds, changes, deletions).
  • Working with a carrier on their data network that was difficult to deal with.
  • For each change or new location, the data carrier would require a new, additional contract.
  • Since each site’s contract was different, pricing and terms were inconsistent across the organization, and different contracts expired at different times, causing management challenges.
  • Correcting and getting credit for an incorrect circuit installed by the carrier.
  • Getting credit for long-distance shortfall charges even after PRI (Primary Rate Interface) connections and DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) were ported to a different carrier.
  • Stopping PRI billings seven months after disconnects were issued.
  • Resolving duplicate billings of VoIP services, resulting from the installation of the incorrect circuit.
  • Caller IDs on toll-free calls were not working properly, intermittently showing only incoming numbers, without the associated names.
  • Caron needed simpler, consistent service and management systems. Grudi Associates’ managed solutions was a great option.

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Grudi got Caron over $200,000 in recovered savings, achieved a monthly savings exceeding 15% on its Mobility, Telecom & IT services, made trouble issues, outages and MACDs very simple and fast, provides outsourced day-to-day Mobility, Telecom & IT management activities, freeing Caron staff to focus on core activities, and much more.

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“Before we went with Grudi’s Managed Solutions, we were having significant issues and frustration with our telecom carriers. As it turns out, we were also paying more than we should, in plan prices and invoice errors. Grudi Associates effectively addressed all these concerns. Outsourcing many routine telecom management tasks to Grudi Associates also eliminated a lot of hassles and wasted staff time. Grudi Associates and Managed Solutions are great.”

Andy Heckman

Corporate Director of IMS

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