Grudi Managed IT & Other Services Greatly Upgraded Kitchen Kettle Village’s Systems, Virtually Eliminated Outages and Boosted Cost Effectiveness

Grudi Managed IT & Other Services Greatly Upgraded Kitchen Kettle Village’s Systems, Virtually Eliminated Outages and Boosted Cost Effectiveness

Kitchen Kettle Village (KKV) faced significant challenges with its IT, Mobility and Telecom. Grudi worked with the KKV team to provide solutions to these and other needs:

  • Expert IT Management – KKV was working with a small IT firm, which it had outgrown, and KKV did not have the staff or expertise to manage its IT in-house.
  • A High-Capability, Modern Phone System – KKV’s legacy phone system was not nearly adequate for its needs.
  • A Well-Planned, Optimized Internal Network – KKV’s network had grown quickly and organically over the years and needed redesign, optimization, documentation, and hardware updates.
  • Greater Bandwidth – The existing internet service could not support accelerating e-commerce and on-premises needs, such as point-of-sale systems, which were significantly impacted by outages and insufficient bandwidth, crippling operations at times.
  • Backup Internet Service – KKV relied on a single bandwidth provider, which made outages and heavy usage a serious challenge.
  • Better Data Storage, Backup and Restore Capabilities – Highly reliable, high-speed, centralized systems were needed to manage critical data that had been moving to the cloud and resided in data structures that had become decentralized.
  • Review of Mobility – KKV needed a review and optimization of its cellular communications.
  • Relief from IT, Mobility and Telecom Hassles – So that KKV could focus on core business priorities and provide exceptional service to its customers.

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Grudi helped Kitchen Kettle Village greatly improve the quality, functionality, reliability and security of its external and internal IT, Mobility and Telecom systems; virtually eliminate outages and failures, avoiding costly business interruptions; add a high-capability VoIP system that makes serving customers and doing business much easier; outsource many of its IT management activities; put in place a Virtual CIO resource to help with strategy, planning, visioning and ongoing needs; enable KKV staff to focus more of their time and energy on core business activities; and more.

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Grudi Case Studies

“The process with Grudi began with a review of our telecommunication needs, which resulted in an upgrade and cost savings to our phone system by transitioning to a VoIP solution. The switchover to the new phone system was seamless, and we felt supported throughout the entire process. We are also experiencing lower costs and a more simplified approach to our cellular coverage. We appreciate our relationship with Grudi and Grudi Advantage and the experts they connected us with over the last year. We are operating in a more efficient and secure manner.”

Michelle Rondinelli

President, Kitchen Kettle Foods, Inc

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