During Mid Penn Bank’s acquisitions, many landline, data and mobility services were efficiently integrated, eliminating redundancies, saving staff time and reducing costs by over $20,000 per month.

Following a merger, adding 14 branches, Mid Penn Bank faced many Mobility, Telecom & IT challenges that put a huge strain on an already busy IT department. To optimize the transition and enable in-house staff to focus on the bank’s core business priorities, Mid Penn Bank called on Grudi to help with these and other issues:

  • Newly acquired assets and services would need to be inventoried, defined, recorded with contract dates and termination fees, and tagged with location names/GL codes.
  • Authorized contacts for the accounts would need to be changed for each location, as well as ensuring invoices were being sent to the correct office for billing purposes.
  • The new acquisitions needed to merge with the existing services the institution already had in place and ensure they were being correctly routed to Mid Penn Bank’s existing numbers. Additionally, the termination fees and disconnects needed to be closely analyzed for locations that overlapped services or were underperforming.
  • The new acquisitions needed to merge with the existing mobility services the institution already had in place and ensure they were consistent and compatible with the bank’s current accounts.
  • Mobile backup connectivity needed to be put in place, including data and data security.

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Grudi’s Managed Mobility, Telecom & IT solutions reduced Mid Penn’s monthly costs by over $20,000, eliminated unnecessary mobile devices, negotiated a higher mobile rate discount, provided a highly responsive single point of contact for all Mobility, Telecom & IT needs, achieved total saving for the bank of $1,411,974 from May 2016 through February 2021, and much more.

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“Grudi Associates coordinated the transition process to seamlessly integrate our systems with our newly acquired locations in a timely fashion. They bring both the knowledge and experience with the carriers to get the job done efficiently while saving Mid Penn Bank time and money. It allowed us to shift our focus and provide our customers with the same quality experience they expect from our brand. We’re very pleased with Grudi Associates and highly recommend their services.”

John Paul Livingston


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