Grudi Managed Mobility, Telecom & IT Improves NEEMA’s Services, Saves Significant Costs and Frees Staff Time for Core Priorities

NEEMA Hospitality currently operates hotels in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland, and is considering expanding to other markets and regions. High‑quality, dependable, cost-effective Mobility, Telecom & IT are essential to NEEMA’s success, which is why it partners with Grudi to address these and other challenges:


Telecom & IT

  • Because of a lack of internal time and expertise, it was difficult for NEEMA to optimally manage a broad range of services, including phone, internet, WiFi, HDTV, security cameras and more.
  • There was no resource within NEEMA for information, questions and assistance with all these services in many different properties.
  • Because NEEMA has hotels franchised from several brands, there are a variety of different compliance requirements related to Telecom & IT and other technologies that must be met. Ensuring that this occurred was very challenging, especially when changing franchise brands for an existing property.
  • Managing existing Telecom & IT contracts and other issues during franchise brand changes was also challenging. Carrier contracts continued, in spite of the change in franchise.
  • It was necessary to upgrade from copper connections to fiber optic cable in order to maintain up-to-date, optimal capabilities.
  • An expert internal source was not available to handle a variety of regular needs, such as MACDs (Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects), Help Desk services for the management and front desk staffs of the hotels and others. This resulted in added cost and frustration.
  • To provide the high level of connectivity guests expect and hotel systems need, WiFi had to be upgraded.



  • There were several Mobility challenges that were similar to those of Telecom & IT.
  • NEEMA did not have anyone on staff who had the knowledge, experience or time to effectively manage its mobile devices and services.
  • Devices were outdated or insufficient for each staff member’s needs.
  • Carrier plans were outdated and not optimized, compromising wireless capabilities and adding unnecessary costs.
  • When new devices were obtained, setup was challenging and time consuming.
  • There was no one on staff who could answer questions about mobile devices, capabilities, maintenance, plans, updates, services and more.
  • Executive staff members periodically traveled internationally without knowing how to optimize mobile devices and features and paid more than was necessary.
  • Staff members were frustrated with trying to manage their mobile devices and services.

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Grudi implemented a Help Desk that is a single point of contact for corporate staff and hotels, saved NEEMA nearly $187,000 in Mobility, Telecom & IT costs, has handled nearly 300 trouble tickets for NEEMA, saving inhouse staff time and frustration, ensures compliance with franchises’ brand requirements and more.

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“Through its Managed Mobility, Telecom & IT services, Grudi has greatly improved our communications capabilities and management, saving us time, money and frustration. The Grudi team proactively ensures that we have the right services and devices and identifies areas where we can improve. They also take care of many tasks that we do not have the time or expertise to handle in-house. This enables us to do what we do best: provide exceptional hospitality services to our customers.”

Sandeep Thakrar


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