Managed Solutions Saves OSS Health 20% Monthly on Telecom, Data & Mobile, While Eliminating Ongoing MACD, Outage & Trouble Hassles

OSS Health is a full-service orthopedic health center, providing high-quality care in 10 locations in York and Central Pennsylvania. To optimally care for its patients and run a successful health center, OSS Health needed an effective, highly efficient telephone system. With a small, busy staff and many locations, it was difficult for OSS Health to manage its various types of telecom services, data services, and telephone systems. Specific concerns were:

  • Almost daily troubles, outages and MACDs (moves, adds, changes, disconnects).
  • Handling numerous billing disputes, from service-level agreements for down service to misapplied funds and incorrect taxes and surcharges.
  • Lacking resources to effectively manage various telecom billing to ensure that the bills were correct.
  • Too many carriers and invoices to manage.
  • Not getting the optimal value from existing carriers.
  • Ongoing location additions (both acquisitions and new construction) and closures.
  • Ensuring it had the best services at the best available rates on an ongoing basis.
  • Effectively managing several hundred mobile phones and devices and keeping up with upgrades, rate plans, service and device issues, and more.
  • There was no single point of contact to address all of the telecom & IT services.

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Grudi Associates implemented its Managed Solutions services to improve the services and rates OSS Health received, without making major changes to much of what they had, thereby avoiding extensive disruption of its critical operations. Telecom, data and mobility services were addressed. A key element was having Grudi Associates take over much of the constant Help Desk issues – troubles, outages and MACDs. Combined telecom, data and mobility savings from 2017 to mid-2020 exceeded $152,000. In addition, Grudi Associates eliminated many problems and frustrations for OSS Health through its Managed Solutions.

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“The solution Grudi Associates implemented has made a huge positive difference in our telecom and wireless services. It has saved us a lot of money and continues to do so. Their Managed Solutions services have resolved many issues and have virtually eliminated the hassles and headaches we had related to managing our telecom. The Grudi Associates team is very proactive and great to work with. We are very pleased with the results.”

Tricia Wolf

IT Director

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