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At Grudi, we developed our Managed Mobility Solutions to provide the suite of services businesses need to optimize their mobility capabilities and investment.

At Grudi Associates we developed our Mobility Managed Solutions to provide the suite of services businesses need to optimize their mobility capabilities and investment. Our team of experienced telecom professionals will work with you in the following areas:

At Grudi Associates we developed our Managed Mobility Solutions to provide the suite of services businesses need to optimize their mobility capabilities and investment. Our team of experienced telecom professionals will work with you in the following areas:


Initial Mobility Audit

  • Analyze existing services and expenditures
  • Determine key target areas for cost saving opportunities
  • Identify gaps in current processes and areas for improvement
  • Review current contractual obligations, terms, and dates

Invoice Management

  • Monthly audit and approval of charges and payment amounts on each invoice
  • Proactively identify issues and open billing disputes
  • Manage the dispute & credit process to completion
  • Provide electronic copies of invoices with correct amount due within 3 business days of receipt from carriers
  • Electronically archive invoices for a minimum of 7 years

Inventory Management

  • Identify all wireless lines and services
  • Create and maintain current inventory list in an easily understandable format, including the following details
    • Mobile device model and device ID
    • Mobile number and username
    • Contract end dates
    • Upgrade dates
    • Location, cost center codes, or asset tags (where applicable)

Help Desk & Trouble Ticket Management

  • Service available during business hours or 24x7x365 for an additional fee
  • Dedicated Managed Mobility Help Desk email and toll-free support number
  • Case management system with ticket tracking
  • Provide trouble ticket status updates and ticket closure when resolved
  • Add and/or remove global features and provide recommended rates based on average usage and countries visited. Send dialing instructions, rates and travel tips to end users.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 troubleshooting for all device issues such as
    • Device not functioning
    • Voicemail issues
    • Damaged device replacement assistance
    • Email issues
    • Connectivity issues
    • Initial device activation and email setup

Monthly Reporting

  • Provide customized reporting for each invoice with usage and cost details per user
  • Provide customized accounting reports for each invoice with department, GL or location codes
  • Confirm expected cost savings are achieved
    • Monthly current average cost per unit compared against baseline current cost per unit for monthly recurring charges
    • Monthly, year-to-date and contract-to-date savings
  • Provide customized reporting
  • Monthly and year-to-date spend for budgeting and future cost projections

Proactive Rate Plan Optimization & Adjustment

  • Recommend and implement changes to maximize ongoing & one-time savings
  • Monitor opportunities to improve technology and services
  • Monitor and adjust plans and features based on usage
  • Request promotions and special pricing from carriers based on all available information and current promotions, not just relying on a software algorithm
  • Identify excessive usage and make recommendations to resolve
  • Pinpoint no-use lines for cancellation or suspension
  • Mid-cycle and end-of-cycle data monitoring (real-time data usage)
    • Data usage over 50% of allowance mid-cycle is monitored through the end of the billing cycle
    • Data usage is checked at the end of billing cycles for rate plan adjustment to avoid or minimize data overage costs
    • High data users are brought to the attention of management

Professional Project & Change Management

  • On-site device deployment and training for Managed Mobility
  • Corporate Mobility Policy
  • Create and/or revise a mobility policy for both corporate-owned devices and employee-owned devices
  • Guidelines for acceptable usage
  • Rules of engagement and ownership of device
  • Plans for protecting the security of company data
  • Mobility Device Management Solution (MDM)
  • Recommend and procure MDM solutions
  • Provision devices on platform
  • Develop policies around passcodes, applications and security
  • Manage implementation and migration to new services
  • Establish company-specific rules for device types ordered, onboarding processes and off-boarding processes

Procurement & MACDs

  • Device orders
  • Order new lines of service and upgrades for all carriers following your preferences
  • Order requests processed in 24 hours or less
  • All orders tracked in our CRM portal
  • Provide personalized support for each end user
  • Ensure all orders receive appropriate rates and are billed correctly
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Coordinate buyback, trade-in and recycling of devices
  • Receive used devices, securely erase data from devices and ship for processing and payment
  • Disconnect orders
  • Place and validate orders to delete lines and disconnect services
  • Remove features that are no longer utilized

General Consulting

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Business Manager (ABM)
  • Mobility Policy
  • Fleet Management and Asset Tracking
  • Wireless Backup Solutions
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Network Extenders
  • Accessories
  • Device Selection

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Platform Compliance

Our platforms integrate world-class technologies from EMC, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, Mimecast, and Zerto. In addition to SSAE 16 SOC II Compliance, our IaaS provider has been rigorously audited and has achieved standing compliance for government (ITAR), retail and finance (PCI), and healthcare (HIPAA).

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