Managed Telecom Services

Managed Telecom

Comprehensive Services

At Grudi, we developed our Managed Telecom Solutions to provide the suite of services businesses need to optimize their telecom capabilities and investment.

Our team of experienced managed telecom professionals will work with you in the following areas:

Our team of experienced managed telecom professionals will work with you in the following areas: 

Initial Audit of all Telecom Carrier Invoices & Contracts

(Local, Long Distance, Internet, TV/Video, Data, Audio & Web Conferencing, Cloud Services)

  • Establish baseline rates for monthly savings comparisons with Managed Telecom
  • Identify key target areas for cost savings and consolidation
  • Review existing contractual obligations
  • Document contract end dates and critical notification requirements

Location Specific Recommendations & Technology Solutions

  • Identify and recommend technology solutions for each location
  • Provide detailed cost savings and ROI analysis
  • Recommendations to replace and/or eliminate excess lines and outdated services

Procurement & Contract Negotiation

  • Request and obtain competitive proposals from multiple providers
  • Negotiate contract terms and commitment levels
  • Review agreements & propose changes to standard contract language
  • Obtain contract addendums to address specific concerns when applicable
  • Place and track all orders with carriers

Professional Project & Change Management

  • Establish implementation timeline and migration plan
  • Manage implementation & migration to new services
  • Coordinate on-site installation with carriers and vendors
  • Properly notify carriers & disconnect legacy services when change is complete

Outsourced Invoice Management

  • Billing address changed on all telecom carrier invoices to Grudi Associates PO Box or email address
  • Monthly audit and approval of payment amounts on each account
  • Identify issues and open billing disputes
  • Verify credits are posted properly to your account
  • Verify contractual rates are properly reflected on invoices
  • Code invoices with proper GL Codes to streamline accounting department payment
  • Provide electronic copy of invoices and remittance slip with correct amount due within 3 business days of receipt from carriers*
  • Archive bill copies electronically for 7 years
  • Securely destroy original paper bills through on-site document shredding service
  • Disconnect and cancel legacy accounts after migration to new service

    *Service Level Guarantee – Grudi Associates will obtain credits or reimburse you for any late fees caused by our delay in processing your invoices.


Proactive Billing Dispute Resolution

  • Manage the dispute & credit process to completion
  • Verify credits post properly to your account
  • Identify inactive and unnecessary accounts
  • Cancel unnecessary accounts and dormant services
  • Identify 3rd party charges; cramming, slamming, casual long distance billing
  • Cancel 3rd party accounts & consolidate casual billing
  • Resolve systemic problems that cause inaccuracies or unauthorized charges
  • Pursue credits for previous billing errors prior to Grudi management*

*Additional fees apply

Proactive Rate Plan Optimization & Adjustments

  • Recommend & implement changes to provide ongoing incremental savings
  • Optimize Services
    • Monitor and adjust voice & data rate plans based on usage
    • Apply applicable Promotions
    • Monitor contract commitment levels and adjust appropriately
    • Renegotiate rates and extend contract terms when applicable
    • Identify excessive usage and make recommendations to resolve
  • Monitor account for new services and technology improvements

Account Management (MACDs)

  • Provide primary account management and interface with providers including Professional Change Management.
  • Add Orders and Change Orders to existing locations
    • Place and validate orders to add lines and new services
    • Ensure all new orders receive appropriate rates and are billed correctly (including accurate start-date validation) on the correct provider invoice
    • Validate all prorated charges with correct dates and amounts
    • Prevent casual billing and additional invoices from being created
  • Disconnect Orders
    • Place and validate orders to delete lines and disconnect services
    • Ensure all disconnect orders are reflected on invoices and that billing stops on the date of disconnect
    • Validate credits are reflected properly for any pre-paid services
    • Request check (for credit balances) and ensure accounts are closed properly
  • Physical Location Moves
    • Brand New Construction: If the location is a new building (no telco service ever delivered at that location before), there is a tremendous amount of coordination involved with contractors and telco providers just to establish a demarc so service can be delivered. Under this scenario, we would charge a flat $500.00 fee to cover our costs for this coordination.
    • Move Physical Location (Outside of same building): Moving from one office to a smaller office across town, we would charge a flat $150.00 fee.
    • Moving Suites Within the same Building: This is included with no additional fee.
  • Net New Locations
    • In general, we would include net new locations for no additional charge except the $50.00 monthly increase.
    • The exception would be brand new construction. As above, if the location is a new building (no telco services ever delivered at that location before), there is a tremendous amount of coordination involved with contractors and telco providers just to establish a demarc so service can be delivered. In this situation, we would charge a flat $500.00 fee.

Help Desk / Trouble Resolution

  • Dedicated Tier 2 support for troubleshooting & resolution of service issues
  • Standard 8–5 business hour support
  • Dedicated help desk email and toll free support number
  • Case management system with ticket tracking
  • Manage Escalation process to NOC and Carrier management team
  • Provide trouble ticket status updates and ticket closure when resolved
  • Ensure SLAs are met and request credits when thresholds are exceeded
  • Verify SLA credits are received and posted properly to the correct accounts

Inventory Management (per carrier)

  • Identify every line and every service at every location*
    *Additional on-site vendor fees may apply if needed
  • Document and Maintain inventory list
    • Circuit IDs and Individual Phone Lines (By Location and Carrier)
    • Detailed line information includes: DID Numbers, Hunt groups, Toll Free ring to numbers, IP addresses, alarm lines, fax lines, modems, and others

Contract Management

  • Maintain list of all contract start/end dates
  • Archive executed copies of all agreements
  • Assist in submitting Do Not Auto Renew paperwork as needed
  • Negotiate carrier agreements and discount percentages
  • Identify when thresholds are met for additional discount percentages during term

Monthly Reporting

  • Provide customized reporting

    • Monthly and Year-To-Date savings by location

    • Monthly spend listed by service type per location

    • One-time credits

    • Monthly baseline comparison

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