Phone Systems and the Cloud: Everything You Need to Know

By Grudi

phone systems

Hosted PBX, Voice Over IP, VoIP, Virtual PBX, conventional phones, premise-based phones… the list goes on. And it’s enough to make your eyes glaze over – until someone who knows a lot about phones explains it and helps you navigate the complex world.

Cue Grudi. 

We can help you decide what kind of phone system is best for you. Then we’ll help you select and provision your equipment and pick the right carrier. We’ll assist in implementation and deliver the support you need.

The two main types of business phone systems

While different types of business phone systems exist, there are two leaders in the industry that many businesses opt to learn more about: premise-based phones and hosted PBX.

Premise-Based Phones
These are the conventional type of phones we’ve used forever and recognize from back in the day. These systems reside in your facility and connect to the outside world through hard wiring. Though this option worked well in the past and may still be the best choice in some situations, newer, more technologically advanced options also exist.

Hosted PBX
These systems reside in the cloud – except for your handsets – and are much more up-to-date on features, benefits and the technology itself. The handsets connect to the “brains” of your hosted PBX system via the internet. Hosted PBX is also called Voice Over IP, VoIP and Virtual PBX, so don’t be confused by varying terminology.

Unsure which is right for you?

Allow these 15 reasons Hosted PBX reigns top dog to speak for themselves. 
While there are cases where conventional landline systems are appropriate, hosted PBX is often a better choice. It offers

  1. A full suite of enterprise-grade features, including call forwarding, call hold, find me/follow me, unified messaging/voicemail-to-email, three-way conference, auto attendant, call recording and call center features
  2. Extension-to-extension dialing across any phone, regardless of where it is, anywhere in the world
  3. Increased uptime (nearly 100%) and increased reliability because it resides in a highly dependable, continuously managed cloud environment
  4. Easy scalability for small to very large companies
  5. Billing on a per-seat subscription basis
  6. Cloud-based reliability means no on-premise equipment failure, even during loss of power or connectivity on premises
  7. Minimum IT support requirement on site
  8. Elimination of the need for separate dedicated phone lines and circuits
  9. No capital expenditures for equipment and software/features and lower total cost of ownership for small and medium-size businesses
  10. Ease of management from any device
  11. The ability to instantly add, remove or reassign users and features
  12. Full integration of mobile users and devices
  13. On-demand call routing capabilities
  14. Full system support in the cloud
  15. Customer support available 24/7/365

Join the growth movement now!

Hosted PBX is projected to grow by 12% per year between 2021 and 2027, according to Global Market Insights. This means that getting set up with Hosted PBX now will unlock a whole suite of additional features and expanded functionality down the road. 

Set your business up for success – and allow Grudi to help get you there.

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