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The Key to Managing Your Business’s Mobility, Telecom and IT

By Grudi

Is your business trying to handle the daunting task of managing your mobility, telecom and IT services in-house? If so, you’ve probably encountered challenges that feel bigger than you want to take on. Sound familiar? We have a better way of doing things.

At Grudi, we’re all about Managed Services.

Why? Because our specialized services help customers work smarter and focus on what really matters in their businesses. Our Managed Mobility, Managed Telecom and Managed IT help optimize service, reduce costs and free up staff to work on other priorities. 

With Grudi, you gain the technology, support, and results you need to better serve your clients, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting for your team. Find out how our three exceptional Grudi Managed Services can work for you.

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What are Grudi Managed Services?

Simply put, Grudi Managed Services are complete solutions that include outsourced services, technologies and support for businesses like yours. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Benefits of partnering with our team include:

  • Lower costs
  • Enhanced capabilities
  • Reclaimed time for you and your team
  • More efficiency
  • Increased staff effectiveness
  • Better customer service and satisfaction


  • Competitive advantage
  • Less downtime
  • Improved cybersecurity
  • Full compliance
  • Less stress and fewer hassles
  • And much more

Get the right managed services for your needs

Not all managed services are the same, so be sure to do your research when choosing a partner to work with. Avoid bare-bones “managed services” that fall far short of the solutions you really need. Instead, consider a partnership with Grudi. We offer a comprehensive list of outsourced and managed services. 


Looking for hard numbers? Here’s an example.

Through Grudi Managed Services, Mid Penn Bank:

  1. Saved $1,411,974 from May 2016 through February 2021
  2. Reduced monthly costs by over $20,000
  3. Got control of many disparate plans, hundreds of devices and numerous invoices

Here’s what Mid Penn Bank had to say about working with Grudi:

“Grudi coordinated the transition process to seamlessly integrate our systems with our newly acquired locations in a timely fashion. They bring both the knowledge and experience with the carriers to get the job done efficiently while saving Mid Penn Bank time and money. It allowed us to shift our focus and provide our customers with the same quality experience they expect from our brand. We’re very pleased with Grudi and highly recommend their services.” 

— John Paul Livingston CTO & CIO, Mid Penn Bank

Trust in any partnership is key. Put your trust in Grudi.

According to Gartner, 73% of company invoices go unaudited. Are you overpaying? Find out now and learn how Grudi can save you time, money, resources and more.

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